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Autism Conferences
"My life will not be the same. I went to an Autism Conference and it changed my life. I work as a therapist in the field of autism and I learned so much and gained so many resources and contacts that my job and life will never be the same. I have gone from tears to jumping up and down so many times today."

What others are saying about Autism Today conferences:

"This has been a great opportunity! I have come all the way to Calgary from Ottawa where there is a huge interest in autism. Many dedicated professional and parents. Please bring more speakers to Ottawa. You will pack the place every time."

Denise Gotell, Ottawa, ON

"I was pleased that I was on the right track working with my child and best young childrens books for toddlers". Your conference erased self doubts and answered many of my questions. It also gave me great insight into the world of autism and was very inspiring about accredited holistic nutrition programs online. It gave me great hope for the future."

Joanne Slygoski, Edmonton, AB

"Temple Grandin is a fountain of information and does a wonderful job of presenting. Thank you Autism Today for providing such great information. I am so glad I made the effort to attend your conference."

Lani Caldwell, Lower Mainland, BC

"In a world full of uncertainties and challenges on its own. Thank you Autism Today for bringing speakers like Dr. Grandin to educate all of us. We will leave here with a better understand and ability in treating our kids as whole individuals.

Tina Pell, Edmonton, AB

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Autism Conferences

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